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Every year we take just as many snorkel guests as divers on scheduled trips and private charters to explore the beauty of Komodo National Park and beyond. Every snorkel activity is briefed just like a dive and our guides are English speaking, rescue and first aid trained, and of course experienced in navigating the sites and currents of Komodo.

The snorkeling in Komodo is exceptional! With stunning topography, vibrant reefs that are teeming with marine life, as well as exhilarating drifts through channels between the islands. Snorkel guests regularly return to the boat with stories of marine life in excess of the divers, including of course favourites such as Turtles, Reef Sharks, Manta Rays and occasionally Dugong/Sea Cows.

Guests regularly ask us during enquiry emails if Wunderpus is for them as they are not diving. We pride ourselves that both diving and snorkeling guests get equal levels of priority and service onboard both of our boats.

During every trip, we also make regular land excursions including of course trekking with the Komodo Dragons. Other land activities include watching the sunset or sunrise from our favourite viewpoints, stops at secluded beaches, and much more. We also have kayaks available for guests to use to explore quiet beaches and mangrove forests alone at suitable locations.

Komodo is a dream destination for all marine tourists; a truly unique and magical location not to be missed.


Amazing Komodo on the amazing Wunderpus
Just returned from a 5-day trip on the Wunderpus. It was absolutely incredible. Don’t hesitate to book. The crew goes above and beyond and hosts Ed, Naomi and Coco were fun, knowledgeable, and cared about the safety and well being of everyone on board. The boat was very clean and comfortable, and every meal was tasty. The marine life was beautiful. I snorkeled and my husband dived...and I never felt like a second-class citizen because I don’t fact the guests were fairly evenly split between divers and snorkelers, which was really great. I hope to be able to come back someday!
Meredith B
Wunderpus November 2019
Best diving ever and we were snorkelling!
Absolutely stunning! Experienced divers, my wife and i joined a 4 day/3 night trip on Wunderpus to snorkel. What we didn't expect was an experience that bested every dive trip we had been on.
Wunderpus September 2019
We spent 3 days aboard the Wunderpuss in private charter with our 4 children (17, 14, 7 and 6). Everything was perfect: quality of the boat, neat and individual welcome, excellent meals, quality of excursions, dives and snorkeling with exceptional guides. We strongly advise you to go with Ed and his crew for this unforgettable experience in the exceptional islands of the Komodo Reserve.
Wunderpus August 2019
Wow! What a trip!
We were on board the Mimic for 3 days / 2 nights (snorkelling), and wow! What a fantastic trip. Dolan, Coco, and the rest of the crew did a fantastic job of taking us to some stunning snorkelling (and dive) sites, as well as keeping us safe, informed, and very well fed!!! Seriously though, the food on board is incredible!
Pickles 389
Mimic November 2019


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