Join us on Wunderpus for a unique Komodo adventure

Starting in November 2020 with our “Shark, Mobula and Manta Adventure” trip the Wunderpus team will be putting together unique trips of between 6 and 8 days to explore the far reaches of Komodo or focused on different types of marine life. These trips will allow us to focus on certain marine life such as Manta, Sharks and Pelagics in South Komodo. Or Macro/Photography focused trips to the far west of Komodo/Sangeang Volcano.

We chose the dates for these trips carefully for optimum tides, currents and sea conditions for the sites and species we are searching for. As always with Wunderpus these trips will be for small groups of maximum 8 guests onboard and be focused on losing the crowds and offering our guests the chance to see Komodo at its very best.

Grey Reef Sharks patrolling one of our favorite sites

Our first adventure trip will be a “Shark, Mobula and Manta Adventure” which will depart Labuan Bajo on the 7th of November 2020. Closely followed by another departing Labuan Bajo on the 21st November and both trips will be for 6 days/5 nights. This trip will visit some Manta aggregation sites such as Manta Alley and Mawan/Manta Point, a site where we regularly see schooling Mobula/Devil Rays and some sites where Pelagics and Sharks will be the focus. Some of the sites you might never have heard of as they are sites we have explored, mapped and had amazing encounters over the past couple of years. Whilst Komodo for sure has a healthy amount of Whitetip, Blacktip and Grey Reef Sharks we have encountered Great Hammerheads and even Thresher Sharks at these sites!! It is also the season when we most often see Whalesharks AND Whales migrate past the island of Flores! So there is always a chance to see Whales as we travel including the magnificent Blue Whale the largest animal on the planet or other Whale species or hear their song as we dive.

A Manta Ray aggregation site for cleaning, feeding and mating

The price for the “Shark, Mobula and Manta Adventure” will be $1,300 US per person based on 2 people sharing a double or twin cabin with AC, ensuite bathroom and hot water shower. Included/excluded from this price are:


  • 6 days/5 nights onboard Wunderpus in a double or twin cabin with AC, ensuite bathroom and hot water shower
  • 4 delicious meals per day and unlimited water/tea/coffee
  • Minimum 15 dives with maximum 4 divers per Instructor/Divemasterand
  • All diving equipment except dive computer and camera
  • Dragon Trekking at Komodo or Rinca Island
  • Visit to see the flying foxes at Kalong Island
  • Airport pick up/drop off
  • Harbour Clearance and Local Registration


  • National Park Fees
  • Local Tourism Tax
  • Beer/Wine/sodas
  • Staff Gratuities


  • DAY 1: Boarding, boat briefing, depart harbour and enjoy seeing the Flying Foxes at Kalong Island
  • DAY 2: 3 Dives at various locations in Komodo and Dragon Trekking
  • DAY 3: 3 or 4 Dives at various locations in south Komodo
  • DAY 4: 3 Dives at various locations in south Komodo and Padar Trek for sunset
  • DAY 5: 3 or 4 Dives at various sites in the Padar area of Komodo
  • DAY 6: 3 Dives in the Padar/Central area of Komodo and the trip ends around 4pm in Labuan Bajo

We have kept the itinerary general as Komodo diving is best experienced at optimum times and tides so this allows us to react to local information, weather, conditions etc so the order of the dives/locations may be sunject to change. Some of the chosen sites we may dive more than once to offer the best chance for encounters with the more unusual Sharks and also large aggregations of Manta Rays.

This will be an epic adventure and a chance to see Komodo at its best, right now the National Park is quieter than it has been in 20 years!! We have yet to see another diver on a divesite on any of our recent trips and Komodo feels like the wild, remote location it did 11 years ago when i first arrived. November is also one of the best months to explore the less dived southern sites and to see Manta Rays in Komodo. The weather is good, the sea usually calm and as always in Komodo you are guaranteed some of the most spectacular diving on the planet. To book a space on board or if you have any questions then you can contact us here: https://wunderpusliveaboard.com/contact/ or by WhatsApp on +6282144802882.

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